Liability Coverage

General Liability

Almost every business needs a general liability policy.  The commercial general liability policy is designed to protect businesses against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of their premises, operations, products, completed operations, and for personal and advertising injury.
We have access to a network of hundreds of carriers that can provide liability coverage to virtually any business.

Garage Liability

Garage Liability coverage is designed to cover automobile, motorcycle, RV, and boat dealers as well as repair operations.  We can provide the additional coverages dealers and repair shops need most including Dealer Blanket inventory coverage, Garagekeeper’s Coverage, False Pretense, and even Odometer Errors & Ommissions.

Professional Liability

Individuals or Companies that provide professional advice or perform services that could cause them to fail to perform, cause financial loss, or have an error or omission in their service or product sold to their customer need Professional Liability (E&O).  The most common types of businesses that would need this coverage would be doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects, and consultants.  However, many other types of businesses such as accounting and construction could have a Professional Liability exposure as well.   We are committed to providing our clients with superior protection and offer a wide range of Professional Liability products.

Director’s & Officer’s (D&O) Coverage

Directors, Officers, and Members of a Board have the exposure of legal action being brought against them as a result of wrongful acts in their capacity as Directors, Officers, or Board Members that causes adverse financial consequences.  D&O Coverage can be written to cover private firms, not-for-profit organizations, and educational establishments.

Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) covers wrongful acts that arise from the employment process.  Employers must protect themselves from suits arising from sexual harassment, wrongful hiring/firing, discrimination, and retaliation.  This coverage is designed specifically for this purpose.  We have many markets available to place this coverage with to protect your business.

Internet Security/Data Breach Liability

The amount of businesses that store or retain personal or financial information electronically is increasing every day.  Technology gives us many conveniences, but business owners need to know that storing this information opens you up to a large exposure.  If your customer’s information is hacked or stolen, the cost to your business to repair the damage could be devastating.  In the event of a breach, your business will be responsible for the damages and expenses including notifying the people affected and monitoring their credit for an extended period of time.

The Commercial General Liability form does not provide coverage for this exposure, but Internet Security coverage does.  Among other things, this coverage is designed to pay the compensatory damages, settlement amounts, costs awarded pursuant to judgments, public relation expenses, credit monitoring expenses, and security breach expenses following a loss.   All of the agents here at Morrison & Fuson are committed to staying educated and informed of the newest coverages such as this one to make sure our clients are properly protected.

Employee Benefits Liability

This coverage is designed to cover the liability of an employer for an error or omission in the administration of an employee benefit program.  This could mean failing to add an employee to a group health program, or failing to advise the employee of benefit programs available.  This coverage is usually endorsed to the general liability policy.

Liquor Liability

Businesses that sell, manufacture, serve, or facilitate the use or purchase of alcohol have a liquor liability exposure.   Among other things, this coverage protects a business if a customer or patron becomes intoxicated and injures others or themselves.  The unendorsed general liability policy does not cover this exposure, but our agents have access to many carriers that offer this coverage.